A little survey

It has been a little while since the last little lady blog. There has been a mission to find the perfect little wedding dress! But that is another blog entirely which is to follow :)

Always on a mission to improve the availability and range of petite clothing, the little lady has been sent a link to a survey by a follower who is carrying out research on the petite market. It only takes a couple of minutes to fill the survey out so please spare a moment so that we can help to improve what there is on offer to us little ladies!


The Little Lady

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If the shoe fits

In the course of a woman’s life, when it comes to fashion there may be one type of apparel that they just can’t get enough of. For some it is handbags, for others, jewellery, but for this little lady, my one fashion passion is SHOES! I love them all, flat shoes, high heels, court shoes, peep toes, boots, shoe boots, espadrilles, sandals, sling backs, flip flops and even slippers.

As a 4ft 9 little lady I am fully aware I am on the small scale of petite and the size of my feet is no exception. I tend to wear a size 3 shoe, however I am not sure if sizes are getting bigger or my feet are shrinking :-? however even a 3 is a loose fit and I tend to buy shoes that have a strap so my shoes are securely fitted to my feet so that I don’t go ‘arse over tit’ or break my neck.

Even choosing a size 3 shoe I find a struggle with many shops starting at a 4, but I am wondering whether my actual size is a 2.5! As far as I am aware there are no high street shops that sell ladies shoes in a 2.5 and I had a little look online and some of the shoes have been hit with a very big ugly stick. There was one online store, pretty-small-shoes.com, however their prices nearly gave me a heart attack, plus there is no free delivery (a little lady niggle) and to return or exchange you have to pay P&P. So as I am unsure of the exact size I need I am very reluctant to make such a big purchase. Surely old granny shoes or extraordinarily expensive is not the only option for a little footed lady!

I am sure I am not the only little footed lady who would like elegant, stylish, women’s shoes and should not be forced to the children’s shoes that do not have the style, sexiness or height desired by a petite lady. So out of pure curiosity I would like to take a poll of the Petite population…

…. Little Ladies, please tell me how Petite are your feet!

Thank you in advance to all participants and maybe this will highlight a need to cater for little feet :)

The Little Lady

How petite are your feet?
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Georgie Thompson – Perfectly Petite

Unfortunately, The Little Lady is engaged to a Formula one addict with races taking place for what seems like every weekend for 51 weeks of the year. Any other little lady tormented by this ‘sport’ will realise full coverage is now on Sky HD which lead to us having to extend our Sky subscription … but anything to keep the not so little lad happy :)

Occasionally I will sit and watch the start of the race until the point where I am about to fall asleep (normally after lap 3). During the build up to the race, there are a few interviewers and presenters, one of which is the perfectly formed Georgie Thompson. Seeing people on TV is often very deceptive; being the only female she stands head to shoulder beside her male colleague Mr Kravitz who appears rather tall. Unsure as to whether he was exceptionally tall or Georgie was a fellow Little Lady I took to Google. ‘Georgie Thompson height’ was a popular topic and according to reports the gorgeous Georgie is in fact a 5ft 2 Little Lady.

Georgie Thompson stats according to FHM:
Full name: Georgina Jane Thompson
Height: 5ft 2in, which is smaller than both Ant and Dec
DOB: September 25, 1977
Place of birth: London, England
Occupation: Television presenter, journalist
Her History in FHM’s 100 Sexiest Women: 2010 #93 | 2009 #52 | 2007 #93

Georgie is clearly a sexy lady and a hit with the men as well as being a successful strong little  lady.

Upon my Google search one of the first articles I came across was on the Daily Mail website and one paragraph stood out at me:

‘Georgie Thompson is struggling to hold up the black evening dress she is wearing for the YOU photos. The Sky Sports News presenter and panellist on Sky1’s A League of Their Own is so tiny – barely over five foot – that despite the stylist’s best efforts with pins and masking tape she is totally swamped by the dress.’

This statement appears unnecessarily negative and in this Little Lady’s opinion, Georgie Thompson looks as stunning as ever. Being petite is not a bad thing and if this Little Lady was to be described as ‘so tiny’ I would be highly unnamused. We all have different body shapes and sizes and they are constantly changing which means what suits us at one stage in our life may not again. From the appearance of the article the picture was taken just after Georgie’s break-up with Dec Donnelly and with the article headline, ‘Having my break-up played out in public was very hard’, is it necessary to be so disparaging over her appearance. Break-ups are difficult and as every lady knows you are liable to lose a bit of weight. Should we not be supporting her and should we not show compassion instead of criticising what she is wearing and how she looks?

As for the ‘so tiny’ comment well I am sure that her stature is not as small as the journalists ‘tiny’ mind.

The Little Lady

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Next shoes please!

The shoe that got away

For the little lady’s birthday, the not so little lady planned on treating her to a pair of wonderful shoes. As usual I had my pain staking visits to the shops where fabulous shoes caught my eye, followed by ferocious scrambling through the shoes on the shelves only to find the shoe is not made in a size 3 :-(

Whilst ambling through the shopping centre I caught sight of a pair of nude, patent, round toed, platform shoes with an ankle strap and it was love at first sight. I dragged the not so little lad into the shop (we shall call this shop Next)  and straight to the shoes, sniffing out the precious treat. I was in luck they had my size! However the shoes were all marked and looked rather worse for wear. Not wanting the little lady to be disappointed the not so little lad asked the Assistant in the shop (that we called Next) if they could order in another size 3, which seemed so simple, however when the day came to collect the shoes, the ones that were waiting for collection were a size 4.5! Less than impressed we thought we would try again. Surely they couldn’t order the wrong size twice!? On collection of the now long awaited shoes the box was opened with anticipation and hesitation; but alas once again the high street store (that we called Next) had ordered in the wrong size, but at least this time they were getting closer, it was a 3.5.

Now I really wanted these shoes and they checked their computer system to see if any other local stores stocked a size 3. Luck had struck! The Newbury shop had 1 size 3, however when enquiring about the condition of the shoes, as we had already experienced dented and damaged shoes, we found out that they were indeed scratched and marked. We were informed by the store manager that the marks were due to the material the shoes were made of suggesting it was normal and perfectly fine! The Sales of Goods Act was racing through my head. Had they not heard of ‘Satisfactory Quality’!

Since the dibarcle of the shoes I have looked online (even though I loathe buying anything from Next online) and I get all the way through to putting the shoes in my basket and then they laugh in my face telling me that they have no size 3’s. I am still checking for the shoes however I have had to come to terms with the fact that we may never be together.

The little lady

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A fellow little ladies opinion on petite modelling

The little lady received a wonderful comment from Francesca, a fellow little lady, about her thoughts on the fashion industry’s lack of petite models. Her thoughts and aspirations seemed very familiar to me, so below is a blog by another little lady. Thanks Francesca!

Hello “little lady”, I accidentally came across your highly interesting and witty blog when I was actually googling “petite models”, as, without wanting to sound vain, its always been an interest of mine, and I don’t think it’s fair at all to deny many other young girls like myself to at least attempt to suceed in an industry that they care about! I thought it would be fun to try it and if I’m too ugly then fair enough! But, its so fustrating when models “have” to be above 5″9 to do runway, although I guess that wouldn’t be quite so bad if other heights of models were used for catalogues or adverts or clothes lines, but no! There are almost no petite models! Well, there’s no “almost” about it!!! As the exclamation marks hint, I’m infuriated!!! I agree totally, we need to see what a petite garment looks like on a petite person! You wouldn’t model a maternity outfit on a normal sized person would you!? This provides more fuel for my little rant, as there are hardly any petite clothing ranges either! All right, top shop and miss selfride do them, and also next. BUT in all cases the ranges are very limited and aren’t really as nice as the other clothes in the shop, and, even if the clothes were of an equal standard, they’re far too expensive, especially from a teenager’s point of view! Why can’t New look or H&M or Zara have petite ranges that are slightly more affordable? You’d think they’d be cheaper seeing as less fabric is needed ;) So yes, more petite models are needed!!! Wake up, snobby giraffey fashion people! What gives you the right to discriminate against many women (and men) who would be perfect for the modelling world, apart from having one fatal flaw – their height (which they were born with and can’t change)! oh, by the way, I’m 5″1 and a UK size four so I know exactly how you feel about having to roll up trousers, safety pin top straps, and having to buy 3/4 length leggings so they fit! So thankyou for this blog! :) :) :) sorry about the rant!


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Despicable Dorothy Perkins

This morning the little lady opened her emails and sitting there waiting for her was a message from Dorothy Perkins25% off summer dresses and tops, exclusively online! Plus, Eton Girl, our first new season collection.’

Excitedly the website was opened, straight to ‘Petite’, ‘show all’ and the page was furiously scrolled down. What was the little lady to find? Absolutely NOTHING! Dorothy Perkins obviously do not think little ladies deserve a promotion.

This is not the first time Dorothy Perkins have over looked their Petite range. I have been a loyal customer of Dorothy Perkins and feel very disappointed that us Petites are disregarded so easily.

(A very annoyed) little lady

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Join the campaign for petite modelling

Nicole is a 5ft 6” petit model and she share with her feelings and experiences of petite modelling.

I have been working in the modelling industry for almost 5 years now and I have experience numerous setbacks due to my height. Time and time again a taller skinny model has been selected opposed to myself. Also numerous modelling agencies list requirements for a model to be a minimum height of 5ft 7″, even though the average woman in the UK is 5ft 4″. It really annoys me as I feel that all women should be entitled to fashion and to feel confident with their bodies and not feel pressured into having to have a super skinny, tall and unhealthy image. I have gone down the route of promoting petite modelling due to the challenges with height and body shape that I have faced so far in the past 5 years. I have spoken to numerous photographers who don’t have a problem with working with petite models however, the fashion industry and agencies continue to demand tall skinny models, which pressures people into unhealthy habits. I am strongly against this.

I have recently created the group, Perfectly Petite in order to promote petite modelling and I aim to demonstrate that nobody should have to change their appearance, especially using drastically unhealthy measures in order to become a successful model. Not only does the “strict regulations” of the fashion industry cause unhealthy life choices, it also has a great emotional impact as well. I for one have found myself upset due to set backs regarding my height. I have met a number of other petite models in the industry who have similar views to myself. This accompanied with all of the above led me to creating Perfectly Petite. I have been contacting numerous magazines and so far I have had a good response. I am aiming to promote the group, a healthy body image, change these strict regulations and also raise funds for charity at the same time.

If you too feel that us little ladies need to be represented in the modelling industry, join the Perfectly Petite campaign here.

Learn more about Nicole’s experiences of being a petite model by following her on Facebook and reading her blog:




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Through the eyes of the little lady

I am pleased to know there are many little ladies like myself out there in the world. Petite blogger, Kirsty, of Diary of a Small Girl shared my experiences with her followers. Take a little look at the way I see being petite and my fellow little lady Kirsty’s thoughts of petiteness. http://diaryofasmallgirl.tumblr.com/

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Little Freebies

Last week the little lady purchased a lovely dress and shoes for an upcoming wedding. When receiving the package inside was not only the dress and shoes, but a copy of Closer and free Rimmel Nail Varnish.

Thank you Dorothy Perkins, you certainly put a smile on this little lady’s face :) Now all I must do is decide what shoes to wear!

The little lady

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The little lady requires a little advice

Calling all little and non-little ladies! I have a fashion dilemma. I have seen and bought a maxi dress, but is it a yay or a nay?! I am not sure if the pattern really suits my little frame so please let me know if I should keep it or it should go back to where it came from!

Likey or no likey?

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