A fellow little ladies opinion on petite modelling

The little lady received a wonderful comment from Francesca, a fellow little lady, about her thoughts on the fashion industry’s lack of petite models. Her thoughts and aspirations seemed very familiar to me, so below is a blog by another little lady. Thanks Francesca!

Hello “little lady”, I accidentally came across your highly interesting and witty blog when I was actually googling “petite models”, as, without wanting to sound vain, its always been an interest of mine, and I don’t think it’s fair at all to deny many other young girls like myself to at least attempt to suceed in an industry that they care about! I thought it would be fun to try it and if I’m too ugly then fair enough! But, its so fustrating when models “have” to be above 5″9 to do runway, although I guess that wouldn’t be quite so bad if other heights of models were used for catalogues or adverts or clothes lines, but no! There are almost no petite models! Well, there’s no “almost” about it!!! As the exclamation marks hint, I’m infuriated!!! I agree totally, we need to see what a petite garment looks like on a petite person! You wouldn’t model a maternity outfit on a normal sized person would you!? This provides more fuel for my little rant, as there are hardly any petite clothing ranges either! All right, top shop and miss selfride do them, and also next. BUT in all cases the ranges are very limited and aren’t really as nice as the other clothes in the shop, and, even if the clothes were of an equal standard, they’re far too expensive, especially from a teenager’s point of view! Why can’t New look or H&M or Zara have petite ranges that are slightly more affordable? You’d think they’d be cheaper seeing as less fabric is needed ;) So yes, more petite models are needed!!! Wake up, snobby giraffey fashion people! What gives you the right to discriminate against many women (and men) who would be perfect for the modelling world, apart from having one fatal flaw – their height (which they were born with and can’t change)! oh, by the way, I’m 5″1 and a UK size four so I know exactly how you feel about having to roll up trousers, safety pin top straps, and having to buy 3/4 length leggings so they fit! So thankyou for this blog! :) :) :) sorry about the rant!


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The little lady is a petite, brunette, female in her mid 20's who enjoys all the good things in life; shoes, shopping, clothes, shoes, gossiping, make-up and shoes. As well as helping the shops through the recession by increasing my spending and saving less, I enjoy giving my two pennies worth on a variety of subjects, so where better to do it than on the world wide web!
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