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The little lady is a petite, brunette, female in her mid 20's who enjoys all the good things in life; shoes, shopping, clothes, shoes, gossiping, make-up and shoes. As well as helping the shops through the recession by increasing my spending and saving less, I enjoy giving my two pennies worth on a variety of subjects, so where better to do it than on the world wide web!

A little survey

It has been a little while since the last little lady blog. There has been a mission to find the perfect little wedding dress! But that is another blog entirely which is to follow Always on a mission to improve … Continue reading

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If the shoe fits

In the course of a woman’s life, when it comes to fashion there may be one type of apparel that they just can’t get enough of. For some it is handbags, for others, jewellery, but for this little lady, my … Continue reading

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Georgie Thompson – Perfectly Petite

Unfortunately, The Little Lady is engaged to a Formula one addict with races taking place for what seems like every weekend for 51 weeks of the year. Any other little lady tormented by this ‘sport’ will realise full coverage is … Continue reading

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Next shoes please!

For the little lady’s birthday, the not so little lady planned on treating her to a pair of wonderful shoes. As usual I had my pain staking visits to the shops where fabulous shoes caught my eye, followed by ferocious … Continue reading

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A fellow little ladies opinion on petite modelling

The little lady received a wonderful comment from Francesca, a fellow little lady, about her thoughts on the fashion industry’s lack of petite models. Her thoughts and aspirations seemed very familiar to me, so below is a blog by another … Continue reading

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Despicable Dorothy Perkins

This morning the little lady opened her emails and sitting there waiting for her was a message from Dorothy Perkins ‘25% off summer dresses and tops, exclusively online! Plus, Eton Girl, our first new season collection.’ Excitedly the website was … Continue reading

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Join the campaign for petite modelling

Nicole is a 5ft 6” petit model and she share with her feelings and experiences of petite modelling. I have been working in the modelling industry for almost 5 years now and I have experience numerous setbacks due to my … Continue reading

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Through the eyes of the little lady

I am pleased to know there are many little ladies like myself out there in the world. Petite blogger, Kirsty, of Diary of a Small Girl shared my experiences with her followers. Take a little look at the way I … Continue reading

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Little Freebies

Last week the little lady purchased a lovely dress and shoes for an upcoming wedding. When receiving the package inside was not only the dress and shoes, but a copy of Closer and free Rimmel Nail Varnish. Thank you Dorothy … Continue reading

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The little lady requires a little advice

Calling all little and non-little ladies! I have a fashion dilemma. I have seen and bought a maxi dress, but is it a yay or a nay?! I am not sure if the pattern really suits my little frame so … Continue reading

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