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A little survey

It has been a little while since the last little lady blog. There has been a mission to find the perfect little wedding dress! But that is another blog entirely which is to follow Always on a mission to improve … Continue reading

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Georgie Thompson – Perfectly Petite

Unfortunately, The Little Lady is engaged to a Formula one addict with races taking place for what seems like every weekend for 51 weeks of the year. Any other little lady tormented by this ‘sport’ will realise full coverage is … Continue reading

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A fellow little ladies opinion on petite modelling

The little lady received a wonderful comment from Francesca, a fellow little lady, about her thoughts on the fashion industry’s lack of petite models. Her thoughts and aspirations seemed very familiar to me, so below is a blog by another … Continue reading

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Petite models wanted!

Firstly the little lady has a little apology to make due to the absence from the blog. The last two months one has been moving and without internet (something that has proved most irksome and caused TalkTalk to go on … Continue reading

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What’s what in the shops

I have to admit that this week I more than took advantage of some of our shops fabulous offers. With the work Christmas party approaching, how could I not?!  This week’s top offers include: 1. Wallis – 20% OFF and … Continue reading

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