Despicable Dorothy Perkins

This morning the little lady opened her emails and sitting there waiting for her was a message from Dorothy Perkins25% off summer dresses and tops, exclusively online! Plus, Eton Girl, our first new season collection.’

Excitedly the website was opened, straight to ‘Petite’, ‘show all’ and the page was furiously scrolled down. What was the little lady to find? Absolutely NOTHING! Dorothy Perkins obviously do not think little ladies deserve a promotion.

This is not the first time Dorothy Perkins have over looked their Petite range. I have been a loyal customer of Dorothy Perkins and feel very disappointed that us Petites are disregarded so easily.

(A very annoyed) little lady

About thelittlelady

The little lady is a petite, brunette, female in her mid 20's who enjoys all the good things in life; shoes, shopping, clothes, shoes, gossiping, make-up and shoes. As well as helping the shops through the recession by increasing my spending and saving less, I enjoy giving my two pennies worth on a variety of subjects, so where better to do it than on the world wide web!
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