Georgie Thompson – Perfectly Petite

Unfortunately, The Little Lady is engaged to a Formula one addict with races taking place for what seems like every weekend for 51 weeks of the year. Any other little lady tormented by this ‘sport’ will realise full coverage is now on Sky HD which lead to us having to extend our Sky subscription … but anything to keep the not so little lad happy :)

Occasionally I will sit and watch the start of the race until the point where I am about to fall asleep (normally after lap 3). During the build up to the race, there are a few interviewers and presenters, one of which is the perfectly formed Georgie Thompson. Seeing people on TV is often very deceptive; being the only female she stands head to shoulder beside her male colleague Mr Kravitz who appears rather tall. Unsure as to whether he was exceptionally tall or Georgie was a fellow Little Lady I took to Google. ‘Georgie Thompson height’ was a popular topic and according to reports the gorgeous Georgie is in fact a 5ft 2 Little Lady.

Georgie Thompson stats according to FHM:
Full name: Georgina Jane Thompson
Height: 5ft 2in, which is smaller than both Ant and Dec
DOB: September 25, 1977
Place of birth: London, England
Occupation: Television presenter, journalist
Her History in FHM’s 100 Sexiest Women: 2010 #93 | 2009 #52 | 2007 #93

Georgie is clearly a sexy lady and a hit with the men as well as being a successful strong little  lady.

Upon my Google search one of the first articles I came across was on the Daily Mail website and one paragraph stood out at me:

‘Georgie Thompson is struggling to hold up the black evening dress she is wearing for the YOU photos. The Sky Sports News presenter and panellist on Sky1’s A League of Their Own is so tiny – barely over five foot – that despite the stylist’s best efforts with pins and masking tape she is totally swamped by the dress.’

This statement appears unnecessarily negative and in this Little Lady’s opinion, Georgie Thompson looks as stunning as ever. Being petite is not a bad thing and if this Little Lady was to be described as ‘so tiny’ I would be highly unnamused. We all have different body shapes and sizes and they are constantly changing which means what suits us at one stage in our life may not again. From the appearance of the article the picture was taken just after Georgie’s break-up with Dec Donnelly and with the article headline, ‘Having my break-up played out in public was very hard’, is it necessary to be so disparaging over her appearance. Break-ups are difficult and as every lady knows you are liable to lose a bit of weight. Should we not be supporting her and should we not show compassion instead of criticising what she is wearing and how she looks?

As for the ‘so tiny’ comment well I am sure that her stature is not as small as the journalists ‘tiny’ mind.

The Little Lady

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