If the shoe fits

In the course of a woman’s life, when it comes to fashion there may be one type of apparel that they just can’t get enough of. For some it is handbags, for others, jewellery, but for this little lady, my one fashion passion is SHOES! I love them all, flat shoes, high heels, court shoes, peep toes, boots, shoe boots, espadrilles, sandals, sling backs, flip flops and even slippers.

As a 4ft 9 little lady I am fully aware I am on the small scale of petite and the size of my feet is no exception. I tend to wear a size 3 shoe, however I am not sure if sizes are getting bigger or my feet are shrinking :-? however even a 3 is a loose fit and I tend to buy shoes that have a strap so my shoes are securely fitted to my feet so that I don’t go ‘arse over tit’ or break my neck.

Even choosing a size 3 shoe I find a struggle with many shops starting at a 4, but I am wondering whether my actual size is a 2.5! As far as I am aware there are no high street shops that sell ladies shoes in a 2.5 and I had a little look online and some of the shoes have been hit with a very big ugly stick. There was one online store, pretty-small-shoes.com, however their prices nearly gave me a heart attack, plus there is no free delivery (a little lady niggle) and to return or exchange you have to pay P&P. So as I am unsure of the exact size I need I am very reluctant to make such a big purchase. Surely old granny shoes or extraordinarily expensive is not the only option for a little footed lady!

I am sure I am not the only little footed lady who would like elegant, stylish, women’s shoes and should not be forced to the children’s shoes that do not have the style, sexiness or height desired by a petite lady. So out of pure curiosity I would like to take a poll of the Petite population…

…. Little Ladies, please tell me how Petite are your feet!

Thank you in advance to all participants and maybe this will highlight a need to cater for little feet :)

The Little Lady

How petite are your feet?
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About thelittlelady

The little lady is a petite, brunette, female in her mid 20's who enjoys all the good things in life; shoes, shopping, clothes, shoes, gossiping, make-up and shoes. As well as helping the shops through the recession by increasing my spending and saving less, I enjoy giving my two pennies worth on a variety of subjects, so where better to do it than on the world wide web!
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2 Responses to If the shoe fits

  1. Nancy says:

    Hi little lady,

    I too think my feet are shrinking!! The smallest shoe sizes I have found are by a brand called Georgia Rose at Sarenza.co.uk. They have sizes 2 – 2.5 and do lots of other half sizes too. Worth checking out. I’m also writing an article about petite fashion, or lack of rather. I would love to ask you a few questions but can’t find your contact email anywhere! If you are interested please get back to me via my email.

    Best wishes,

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