Petite models wanted!

Firstly the little lady has a little apology to make due to the absence from the blog. The last two months one has been moving and without internet (something that has proved most irksome and caused TalkTalk to go on the list of companies never to shop with along with BT, Curry’s and Sports Direct). But do not fear the little lady is back…

The sun is out and the little lady is looking to update the summer wardrobe. So far purchases have included some Primarni tops that are long enough for the little lady to wear a dress (at £5 each that is indeed a bargain and one of the reasons being a little lady pays off!!).

Now the little lady and the little lad have recently purchased bicycles for summer riding to keep fit and enjoy the wonderful weather. With the bikes came a fashion dilemma; obviously skirts are a no no (no little lady wants to show all and sundry her little lady undergarments) and jeans are too hot for the summer so what is a girl to wear?! First thoughts turned to shorts, but the little lady is a girly girl and a little femininity is required whilst upon ones bicycle. So, the solution? The playsuit! The first stop was ASOS. After going to the beloved Petite section and finding a suitable playsuit, I was mortified to see the statement that the model was wearing size 8 (not the mortifying bit) and that the model was 5ft 9”. How on earth can they portray petite clothes on someone who is over half a foot taller than the ‘petite’ classification!! How on earth is one to gauge whether the garment is going to fit? Is the model wearing a standard size of the petite equivalent?

This is not the first time ASOS have been guilty of doing this and I am saying NO! We want petite clothes and we want them to be modelled on petite ladies! There are plenty of stunningly pretty little ladies out there so pick one of them to model your clothes ASOS!

The little lady

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The little lady in a world designed by tall people

The little lady and the not so little lad are on the move. In the hunt for the ideal home and in previous explorations for living quarters, I have discovered that our world is not designed for the less vertically endowed person. In our current flat we have bathrooms without windows; as such they have the necessary extractor fans which are vital in preventing horrible mould, mildew and water vapour. The switches for the very extractor fans are located at the highest point on the wall, perpendicular to the ceiling. Well I have no chance in reaching this switches and even a 6ft person has to stretch their arm (not much, but a little). These switches would be as useful and convenient to me if it was actually on the ceiling! Therefore I am to live with damp, dreary, black, forestry growths (well maybe a slight exaggeration?!)

Kitchen cupboards are also not practical for the little lady. They are positioned at a height where they are probably half a foot below the actual ceiling. These so called storage devices normally have 3 shelves , however this is useless to me, I can only use the first shelf to its full potential and there is no hope of me reaching the top shelf, even if I had the arms of an Orang-utan (although if I did have the arms of an Orang-utan I would be able to reach the stunning top that is always on the highest rail in the shop and wouldn’t need to ask an assistant to hand it to me. The fur would also be welcomed in the winter months :) ).

My frustration with this tall world continues in the kitchen. I understand that standardisation needs to take place, however I do think there is a gap in the market for a sink that can be lowered or raised to provide the optimum usage height for the individual.  My problem with the standard height of the kitchen sink is, that when carrying out the task of washing up, my forearms end up pointing elbows down, at a 45 degree angle, which seems to be the ideal angle for water to run down, causing a rather wet floor. This I cannot do much about apart from abstaining from the washing up, but it actually really bothers the not so little lad when he walks through a puddle that I have created.

So how does the little lady overcome these obstacles of everyday life? In each of us there is a survival instinct, and our resourcefulness and the tool making ability of our previous primate selves comes to light.  To turn off and on the ridiculously high extractor fan there is a long wooden stick which lives just outside the bathroom; the insensible high cupboards and top shelves which the not so lad insists on putting things on (mainly biscuits) requires clambering onto dining chairs risking life and limb; and the issue of the kitchen sink will only be overcome with me not doing the washing up or the not so little lad buying me a dishwasher ;)

The little lady

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Petite and perfect

As a little lady I often get annoyed at the conspiracy that seems to surround the petite person, and how it seems to be intent on making our lives that little bit more difficult. Recently I stumbled upon a fellow petite lady’s blog and I couldn’t help but smile. The blog ‘Petite Quotes’ by Retro Petite is well worth a read to give your self a lift.

My favourite quote is: “Sometimes” said Pooh “the smallest things take up the most room in your heart”

I like to think it is true :)

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What’s what in the shops

I have taken a few weeks off from my usual report of offers in the shops due to all the Christmas sales. Many of the stores are getting their new season stock in, and along with their new garments there are new offers, all which seem to be FREE delivery (the little lady loves a bit of FREE delivery :) ). Here are the stores and codes you will need to take advantage:

1. ASOS – today only between 12pm and 2pm

2. Miss Selfridge – voucher code SS11TREAT

3. Dorothy Perkins – voucher code DPDELFREE

Happy shopping!

The little lady

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Saled out

Happy New Year to all you little ladies! After a busy year the little lady took a well earned break over the festive season, which mainly consisted of sleeping, eating, sleeping, drinking, sleeping and shopping.  I must however confess I par took in the shopping with much apprehension. The not so little lad had left his Christmas shopping until after Christmas (a good idea at the time. Whilst I was running around in search of presents he was cool, calm and collected enjoying the build up to the big day). So, come the 27th we had some serious buying to do and hit the shops.  It only took the queue on the dual carriage way into the shopping centre car park for me to realise this had been a HUGE mistake. Leaving your present buying till the small period between Christmas and New Year is a massive error for a number of reasons:

1. All Christmas gifts have been sold before Christmas, the ones that are left are generally overpriced, naff and useless

2. The shops don’t have the full range of stock due to the naff sale stuff

3. There are too many people trying to get the naff bargains therefore you can’t look at anything properly and have to fight your way through a sea of bodies

4. If you do eventually find anything half suitable for the intended recipient, the queue at the checkout is normally two miles long and the time to get to the checkout is comparable to the queue to get into the car park!

To cut a very long shopping trip story short, the not so little lad and I came a way with 1 out of 4 presents and the not so little lad had to venture out by himself while I sat at home and watched rubbish TV (better than rubbish shopping). I must admit after a long search the presents were very good and all seemed to appreciate them, so A* to the not so little lad, he has a much better temperament than I!

The little lady

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What’s what in the shops

The offers this week are a little sparse :( however you can always rely on Dorothy Perkins! They have 20% OFF EVERYTHING (full price) and FREE standard delivery, ends Sunday 19th. As Christmas is only next week, if you haven’t got your outfit ready for the big day you better get your skates on!

If you have left all your preparations to the last minute like moi, you will be interested to know when the last order dates are for Christmas Eve delivery:

Happy shopping and I hope you get all your petite purchases in time!

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Relationship status: single

A lasting reminder of my love

It is true, my love affair with the petite embellished scalloped hem one shoulder dress is no more. It didn’t even last that long. I excitedly waited for our date, the day I got to try the beautiful creature on. I carefully cut open the package, prised apart its transparent covering, and laid it upon my bed tenderly unfolding the garment. I delicately handled the soft inviting fabric and slipped it over my body. I looked down to admire the drape and intricate detailing upon the hem and I noticed loose, untidy stitching. This is when I knew that our rendez vous was to be short lived. I stared at my reflection in the mirror contemplating whether I could part with something I had wanted and loved so much. The decision was made for me when I took the wonderful petite embellished scalloped hem one shoulder dress off.  Some of the gold beading fell off. Although we did indeed part company and the dress went back to where it came from there is still be a part of me that lusts after the elegance and feel of that dress.

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What’s what in the shops

After a week off last week, ‘what’s what in the shops’ is back!  Not only is it back, but I have some great offers to share with all you little ladies. Yes it is only 14 days till Christmas but why not buy a little something for you.

1. Dorothy Perkins25% OFF with voucher code DPVC25. However offer ends today, so if you have had your eye on anything, get in quick!

2. Wallis30% OFF and FREE delivery on order over £30 with voucher code VCQ30. Offer ends Tuesday 14th December so plenty of time to choose that all important outfit.

3. Dorothy PerkinsFREE delivery on all orders, ends midnight Sunday. A double whammy by Dotty P’s, discount and free delivery, our prays have been answered!

4. Miss SelfridgeFREE delivery on orders over £40 with voucher code XMASGIFT. This offer is available for a limited time only so best get shopping now :)

Happy shopping!

The little lady

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My new love…

How I do love thee; how I do adore thee; how I do want thee to drape thy self upon my body with your soft, delicate touch. Oh, petite embellished scalloped hem one shoulder dress, I do declare I want you for my own!

The little lady loves a dress even though nowadays I seldom get the opportunity to wear one, but with the party season upon me surely I can justify a little present to myself?! Yes, I haven’t bought one Christmas present yet but surely this will get me in the shopping mood? If not maybe I can pass it off as a present for the not so little lad. Yes, he (probably) would not wear it, but surely he would enjoy its beauty just as I do, because I don’t know if I can actually resist having this dress! But why do I love it? The colour has the warmth needed for the cold Christmas weather; its style is perfect for the feminine figure, hiding little bumps that may appear after the festive feast; not only does the softness and drape of the material look sophisticated but the hem line is perfect for a little lady giving the illusion of lengthy legs.

Ordinarily, £75 for a dress that I may not get a chance to wear would be too much but ASOS have 20% off their own lines – that makes it £60! How could I miss such an opportunity, surely that would be a crime against love?

The little lady

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What’s what in the shops

I have to admit that this week I more than took advantage of some of our shops fabulous offers. With the work Christmas party approaching, how could I not?!  This week’s top offers include:

1. Wallis 20% OFF and FREE delivery with voucher code VCW20. Double savings – a girls best friend.

2. ASOS20% OFF ASOS brand with voucher code ASOS20. I ‘accidently’ bought a dress from here this week. Actually it may have been 3…

3. Dorothy PerkinsFREE delivery until midnight Monday 29th. The little lady loves a bit of free delivery!

If you find that something special, why not share it with us! Email me at info@thelittlelady and your pic can be added to our petite picture gallery.

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